Music Ability Awareness CLASS

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We see the ability in disability

We are so excited about the launch of this new class. My passion and desire to serve the disability community comes from a lifelong encounter with beautiful people and the joy they bring to the world. I have always felt most at home around others with disabilities because I believe regardless of label, disability, impairment, disease, or disorder we have all been given strengths and abilities to share with the world. We are each unique and talented in our own way. I believe a great way to connect all of us and our ABILITIES is through Music.

Music Inspires

Music inspires all of us to engage and connect. It creates memories. Music is a stepping stone for building relationships, and it helps bridge the gap between ability and disability. Music awakens our emotions and feelings, allowing us to express ourselves in a safe place.

what to expect

Together we will explore pitch, tempo, rhythm, and instruments, learning about sound through hand-on interaction and games. Your child will experience music with real instruments, playing solo and in a group. Additionally, class participants will learn about

  • historical and contemporary composers,
  • musicians,
  • instrumentalists, and
  • performers with disabilities! 

Join us for Music, crafts, technology, and more!

Eligibility Requirements: All students must be able to remain within the bounds of a group setting for a minimum of 1 hour or must have aide, parent, and/or legal guardian present to accompany the child as needed. Children must be able to go to the bathroom themselves, be potty trained, or have an aide, parent, and/or legal guardian with them to help assist in the bathroom. Community Health and Wellness, LLC will not provide an aide for participants. Aides/parents may attend the classes at no additional charge.

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Community Health and Wellness serves individuals with disabilities of all ages. ​ ​Our mission is to help people have a better understanding​ ​of themselves and the world around them.

We treat individuals with:

Intellectual Disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Neurological Disabilities
Mental Health Diagnoses
Emotional and/or behavioral challenges

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Singing event for disabled children.
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